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Ruf's Blues Caravan - Blue Sisters  2016
 Come Together

Layla Zoe - Vocals
Tasha Taylor - Vocals & Guitar
Ina Forsman - Vocals

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Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash 01.10.2016 Village, Habach


warrior   -   youtube link
the lonely star   -   youtube link

Written In The Stars   -   youtube link
For My Lady   -   you tube link
The Pilgrim   -   youtube link



Ruf's Blues Caravan - Girls With Guitars 2015
Wish You Hadn't Gone

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Milla Club, München 2015-07-02 (acoustic set)

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 (video and audio reording and editing by
audio mix and mastering by Rick Phillips)


Uferlos Festival in Freising, Germany May 9th, 2015

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 (video and audio reording and editing by
audio mix and mastering by Rick Phillips)


simeon soul charger
2015 promotional video


19.07.2014 Village, Habach

Filmed for Iguanax
(video reording and editing by
Audio recording,  mix and mastering by Hannes Schwaiger)

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Blues Caravan 2015 - Girls With Guitars
03.02.2015 Hirsch, Nürnberg

Official Clip for Tom Ruf  (Ruf Records)

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Mother's Finest
17.11.2014 Rockhouse, Salzburg, A

Filmed for SPV RECORDS(A&R Steamhammer )
& DirectbookingBerlin

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 Vargas Blues Band
30-01-2013 Spectrum Augsburg, G

filmed for Javier Vargas   

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 Meena & The Chris Fillmore Band
05.06.2014 Chaya Fuera, Wien, A

filmed for Meena & Chris   (

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Neil Zaza & Get Zaza  2014-04-03 Kircheim/Teck

filmed for Neil Zaza  &  Hubi from

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 Hundred Seventy Split 
Oberschwabenhalle, Ravensburg, G  11-05-2011
upped on youtube from JOE GOOCH & LEO LYONS


 you also can watch clips of our videos from

Hundred Seventy Split

11. May 2011 Oberschwabenhalle, Ravensburg
21. October 2011  Lindenkeller, Freising


hundred seventy split  CHANNEL


you also can watch on




Johnny Winter Ulmer Zelt Festival, Ulm  18-05-2011
FILMED FOR (Johnny's European booking agency)
upped on Vimeo from Kultopolis GmbH

Johnny Winter 18-05-2011 Ulm (Kultopolis GmbH)



Black Stone Raiders  06-06-2011  Rockhouse, Salzburg, A
( Jean Paul Bourelly / Darryl Jones / Will Calhoun )
FILMED FOR Black Stone Raiders
upped on youtube from Jean Paul Bourelly

DEFUNKT   17-05-2013 Treibhaus, Innsbruck
 Filmed  by us for & Defunkt



Animals & Friends  2013

Bevis Frond 2013


22 TOP   02-10-2012 Rockhouse, Salzburg 
upped on youtube by
 Filmed  by us for 22 Top


Eamonn McCormack
09.11.2012 Village, Habach
upped on youtube by   Eamonn McCormack