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About us:

We – Franz, Martina und Jorma – love to film concerts. What started as a mere hobby a couple of years ago has developed very nicely: live gig recordings have turned into professional video productions.

And it’s getting bigger: from Circus Krone to small music pubs – we record about 50-60 concerts per year (audio and video).

Most of the recordings are for private use (with the approval of both the artist and the management).

However, we also get commissioned to work for artists such as Cactus,
Savoy Brown, Tom Ruf (Ruf Records), Hans Christian Müller (Gerhard Polt) for their releases.

The German-American Progressive Band Simeon Soul Charger (our productions can be acquired through their website) and the “Munich Jimi Hendrix“ Marc Dorendorf are among our best customers and friends.

We have not yet won an Oscar or the Golden Globe for Best Video Production but there are always ambitions and goals in life…

If you are interested in a video production of your live gigs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to provide an appropriate solution (also pricewise).


For requests send us a mail


Martina ( Filming & Leader of Filming Crew, audio recording & audio post production )


 Franz ( Audio Recording & Filming & Video Production )



 Emmi ( Filming )


 Rick Phillips (Lead Guitar - ex-Simeon Soul Charger)
( Audio Mixing & Mastering )


Marc Dorendorf  -  Marc Dorendorf Band
( Audio Recording & Filming )


 Spider Monkey (Bass - ex-Simeon Soul Charger)
( Filming )


Roland Pohle (Bass - Marc Dorendorf Band)
( Filming )



Rudi ( Filming & Controlling )



. . . all the musicians, manager, clubs, mixers ................who helped and supported us


Äxl from Magnificent Music

Bernie from Simeon Soul Charger

Birgit from DMC Musikmarketing GmbH

Bruno and the guys from Rattlesnake Saloon

Dieter, Gerhard, Hannes, Marion, Heidi and the Team from the Village in Habach

David from Eventhalle Westpark, Ingolstadt

Dietmar from Rationaltheater

Florence from Florence Miller Agency

Günther, Andreas, Burkhard & the team from Bastion, Kirchheim unter Teck

Hannah  from  Southrich Music

Hubi from directbookingberlin

Klaus from Tourwork

Klaus from Breaking Blues

Manni & Tanya from DoubleK Booking

Mark from the Henrik Freischlader Band

Mathias & Mario from Altes Kino, Landeck

Oliver from

Peter, Maya, Meise and the Crew from Concertbüro Franken / Hirsch

Ralf  from KBN

Reinhard from Jazzhaus Booking and Jazzhaus Records

Roland and the very friendly Team from the Laboratorium, Stuttgart

Roli and the guys from Kammgarn, Schaffhausen

Sabine  from KULTOPOLIS

Silke & Monika from "Rother Bluestage"

Tom Ruf and Grit from RUF RECORDS

Wolf, Pauli, Susanna & the guys from Rockhouse, Salzburg

Guys from Kofferfabrik, Fürth